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2D Metal Lingual Bracket

2D Metal Lingual Bracket

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2D Metal Lingual Bracket

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1.)   6-6, upper and lower,  24 Pcs /Case

2.)  3 
- 3, upper or lower,  6 Pcs / Pack


*Less visible
*Greater cosmetic appeal
*Patient satisfaction

This lingual Bracket system has an important improvement from the normal lingual bracket. 
The 2D lingual bracket is SELF-LIGATING and has NO TORQUE. The main feature of this lingual bracket is its ingenious structure of wings.
 These special wings greatly simplify the process of positioning the brackets and the ligating process. It also provides much more patient comfort, 
and is quite the time saver for the treating professional.

The 2D Lingual brackets are very flat that patients hardly feel them in their mouths. With a total height of only 1.3 to 1.65 mm and have a strong rounded design, the lingaul bracket in mouth are quite comfortable for patients. The ease of use of the brackets is also unmatched, which makes them the ideal lingual treatment technique for new patients. The 2D Lingual brackets have a vertical slot for fast and easy archwire insertion and changing from the occlusal aspect. The special design of the clips also ensures optimal rotation, angulation and vertical control. Another great advantage is that no lab is required, which allows patients and practitioners to immediately start with the treatment.

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