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Your position: Home » ZoneRay® YMC3 Dental Impression Alginate Material Mixer Lab Equipment Die Stone Mixer , Speed: 0~300rpm/min(speed variable), with foot switch
ZoneRay® YMC3 Dental Impression Alginate Material Mixer Lab Equipment Die Stone Mixer , Speed: 0~300rpm/min(speed variable), with foot switch

ZoneRay® YMC3 Dental Impression Alginate Material Mixer Lab Equipment Die Stone Mixer , Speed: 0~300rpm/min(speed variable), with foot switch

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This brand new Dental Alginate Mixer is used for making false teeth; it replaces the handwork of mixing the Impression Material. It has characteristics of labor-saving, fast, well mix and less bubble . The alginate mixer mixes smoothly, evenly and consistently mixes alginate, and even plaster and stone, to produce a bubble free mix. The alginate mixer not only produces a perfect mix every time, but also eliminates all the work in doing the mixing by yourself!
The unit is used to mix alginate for making dentures model.

Operating Instruction
  • Power switch: a black boat-shaped switch behind the machine.
  • Mixing bowl: lay it on the tray at the top of the unit. Clockwise the mixing bowl into the tray, it will be locked. On the contrary, the mixing bowl can unloaded.
  • "Start/Set" button: the "Start/Set" button is at left side of the front panel. The first press starts to low speed; it will become high speed after press again.
  • "Stop" button: The "Stop" button is at right side of the front panel, press "Stop" button will stop working immediately.

How to use
  • Put the cleaning and disinfected mixing bowl into the tray, turn clockwise to lock it.
  • Let power plug connect to the electric socket with grounding, turn on the power switch 6
  • Put the water and impression material into the mixing bowl according to the proportion from the manual of impression material. Then mix them to bulk state.
  • Speed: according to your needs at 0-300 rev / min within the range of adjustment, the speed is controlled by the force of the foot. Allowing you to further release hands, enjoy driving pleasure, bring you "flying" general feeling.
  • Timing Alarm: equipped with working time of 20 seconds, 20 seconds after the start of work warning lights flashing, beeps to alert the user the impression material as quickly as possible, so as not to dry up condensation.
  • Overload shutdown: when an external force - The motor overload, automatically stops after 3 seconds, restart begins to turn.
  • Using the latest foot switch control. Similar auto throttle.
  • The use of large LCD display, vivid, allowing you to fun in operation.
  • Foot off the foot switch, the mixer stops. Stirring with a spatula scrape along the inner wall of the bowl good alginate impression material can be used clinically.
  • The counterclockwise rotation of the mixing bowl, remove the mixing bowl clean up after.

  • Overload downtime: when the external strong force make motor overload, motor will  automatically stop running after 3 seconds. This is a kind of protection system, but not a fault. After that you need step on switch, then it can be turned on, and into the normal working condition.
  • The time for mixing impression material should not be too long (general control in 20 seconds),then you should use it in time, so as to avoid condensing inside the bowl.
  • After using the machine, you should clean the mixing bowl and the impression material which overflow from the machine, and place it indoor where there is ventilated, dry and without corrosive gas.
  • 100% Brand new
  • Power supply available in Europe and the USA
  • Basic model, mini-compact design
  • Labor-saving, fast, well mix and less bubble
  • Easy 2 button operation
  • Automatic alert
  • Overload prevention
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

  • Power supply: 110v / 220v
  • Speed: 0-300rpm/min(speed variable)
  • Regular alarm: After mixing 20s it will have beep sound and alarm light will flash to warn user using the alginate immediately, or it will dry.
  • Stop working if overload:  When the motor overloaded, the unit will stop working automatically after 3s, press Start key to working again.
  • Alginate mixer gross weight: 2.56 kg
  • Alginate mixer size:  260*220*190 mm
Package Content
  • 1 Mixer
  • 1 Mixing bowl
  • 1 Metal spatula
  • 2 Fuse 0.5A   Φ5×20
  • 1 Footswitch
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Certificate
  • 1 Warranty card

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